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International career platform <br> As a Chinese company operating globally, Dray provides first-class working environments for employees from China, Germany, the United States, South Korea and other parts of the world to help them realize their career dreams.
Multi-dimensional career development opportunities <br> Dray is committed to building a learning organization and advocating the common development of employees and Dray. Dray provides management, technical dual-channel career development and a comprehensive training system. At the same time, Dray also provides overseas work exchange opportunities, strengthens the manager's international operation capabilities, and broadens the international vision of professionals.
Complete salary and welfare system <br> Dray provides employees with a comprehensive salary system with market competitiveness, internal fairness and performance-oriented:
Salary system: basic salary, monthly performance bonus, year-end bonus, income sharing and other medium and long-term incentive plans.
Welfare system: The state co-ordinates five insurances and one fund, annual leave, supplementary commercial insurance, transportation shuttle or subsidies, working lunches, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, employee births and hospitality condolences, team activities and annual travel expenses.
Atmosphere of Continuous Innovation <br> Innovation is the source of Dray's continuous improvement. Dreyer has established a diversified innovation platform, including innovation forums, innovation competitions, technology summits, and DIY competitions to create a relaxed and active atmosphere for innovation. Dray encourages employees to be innovative and supports employees to go further on the road to innovation.
A variety of recreational activities <br> Various ball sports, bands, outdoor sports clubs, photography clubs, hip-hop clubs, etc. Dray has prepared a variety of recreational activities to allow employees to relax in their spare time and improve their colleagues. At the same time of friendship, the cohesion of the team has been enhanced.

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